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How To Build Brick Airplanes: Detailed LEGO Designs for Jets, Bombers, and Warbirds

Jet Bombers - 2

British Secret Projects 2: Jet Bombers Since 1949

Jet Bombers - 3

The Big Book of X-Bombers & X-Fighters: USAF Jet-Powered Experimental Aircraft and Their Propulsive Systems

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The Air Force Handbook - Illustrated Guide to the Weapon Systems and Equipment of the USAF, Airplanes, Fighter Jets and Bombers, Missiles, Satellites, Bombs, Munitions for Combat in Air and Space

Jet Bombers - 5

A Timeline of Fighter Jets and Bomber Planes (Military Technology Timelines)

Jet Bombers - 6

The B-45 Tornado: An Operational History of the First American Jet Bomber

Jet Bombers - 7

Valiant Boys: True Stories from the Operators of the UK's First Four-Jet Bomber

Jet Bombers - 8

Jet Bombers: From the Messerschmitt Me 262 to the Stealth B-2 (Military Aircraft)

Jet Bombers - 9

150pc Army Men Toy Soldiers Play Set Missiles Jets Tanks B2 Bomber


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